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Monoalkoxy Titanates
Monoalkoxy Titanates
Grade Chemical Name CAS No Molecular Structure
SCA-F17C10E 1H,1H,2H,2H-Perfluorodecyltriethoxysilane 101947-16-4
TCA-238J Titanium IV bis(dioctyl)pyrophosphato-O, ethylenediolato, (adduct) 2 moles of 2-methylpropenoamido-N active amine 198840-66-3
TCA-K55 Titanium IV tetrakis(bis 2-propenolato methyl)-1-butanolato adduct 2 moles (di-tridecyl)hydrogen phosphite 64157-14-8
TCA-K46B Titanium IV tetrakis octanolato adduct 2 moles (ditridecyl) hydrogen phosphite 68585-68-2
TCA-K41B Titanium IV tetrakis 2-propanolato, adduct 2 moles (dioctyl)hydrogen phosphate 65460-52-8
TCA-K44 Isopropyl tri(N-ethylenediamino)ethyl titanate 65380-84-9
TCA-K238T Titanium IV ethylenediolato, is(dioctyl)pyrophosphato-O, bis(triethyl)amine salt
TCA-K238S Titanium IV bis(dioctyl)pyrophosphato-O, ethylenediolato (adduct), bis(dioctyl)hydrogen phosphite 65467-75-6
TCA-K38S Titanium IV 2-propanolato, tris(dioctyl)pyrophosphato-O 67691-13-8
TCA-KTTS Titanium IV 2-propanolato, tris octadecanoato-O 61417-49-0
TCA-KTTT Isopropoxytitanium tristearate 68443-53-8
TCA-KTTO Titanium IV 2-propanolato, tris octadecenoato-O 136144-62-2
TCA-K9S Titanium IV 2-propanolato, tris(dodecyl)benzenesulfanato-O 61417-55-8
TCA-K12 Titanium IV 2-propanolato, tris(dioctyl)phosphato-O 68585-79-5
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