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Formulated silane is also called as silane cocktail; it is a multi-component silane formulation suitable for the manufacturing of low and medium voltage cross-linked polyethylene cable insulation & jacket, PEX-b pipe or other XLPE products.



With these easy-to-dose liquid products we offer tailor-made blends consisting of all necessary ingredients for grafting and crosslinking of polyethylene resulting in XLPE or PEX-b compounds. These products contain vinyl silanes and initiators for the two-step SIOPLAS® process, and additionally crosslinking catalysts plus if needed other additives, e.g. antioxidants, metal deactivators, processing aids for the one-step Monosil® process.




Vinyl Silane

Crosslinking agent; always it is a basic ingredient of the dry silane.


Initiator; always it is a basic ingredient of the dry silane.


Accelerate the reaction speed of hydrolysis and crosslinking rate; always it is a basic ingredient of the dry silane.


Stabilize PE resin during extruding and long turn working, should be used in unstabilized PE resins.

Metal Deactivator

Inhibit the catalytic effects of metal ions especially copper, should be used cooper cables.

Other ingredients like UV inhibitor could be added under the customer’s request.




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