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Silane coupling agent SCA and Titanate (zirconates, aluminates) coupling agent TCA are widely used in plastics, rubber, coating and adhesives industry. It is used to improve pigment dispersion, product strength and adhesion between the resin coating and substrate. They play an indispensable role in many product formulations.

But Silane coupling agent SCA and titanate (zirconates, aluminates) coupling agent TCA mostly are in liquid at room temperature, that causes trouble for use in plastics, rubber, adhesives, powder coatings and other non-liquid formulations. Customers always need to use liquid silane to pretreat the filler firstly, this increases step and is inconvenient for factories that do not have mixing devices. While it is also not convenient to transportation, weighting, feeding, dispersing, etc.  However, the powder coupling product is convenient to use, while reducing pretreatment process, reduce pollution.



DLC is the first letter of the abbreviation “Dry Liquid Concentrate”, meaning powdery liquid product masterbatch.

Our powder coupling agent in DLC series is formed by using the porous, highly absorbent inert inorganic minerals (do not reaction with coupling agent) as a carrier to absorb liquid silane. It is free-flowing powder, easy to weigh and use.

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