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Silane series DLC-V71E

Chemical Name 






Molecular Structure


Molecular Formula




DLC stands for Dry Liquid Concentrate, and CapatueTM DLC-V71E dry silane is a convenient form of traditional liquid organo-functional silane coupling agent Vinyltriethoxysilane with 65% high active concentration; it is a free-flowing powder. DLC-V71E dry silane offers the benefit of easier handling and weighing, quicker incorporation during mixing and a longer shelf life.

This product has a vinyl organo-functional group and can be over a broad range of applications to provide superior bonds between inorganic substrates and organic polymers. The vinyl function reacts with a wide array of thermoset, thermoplastic and elastomeric materials.

DLC-V71E dry silane functions by chemically coupling the filler to the backbone of the polymer during vulcanization, compounding or crosslinking, and it can be used at peroxide and metal oxide curing systems.


Typical Properties:



Active content:



Off-white to tan free flow powder

Active Ingredient Content, %

≥ 65%

Loose Weight, kg/L




The typical application of Capatue dry silanes includes:

1. Powder coating

Promote the adhesion of coating to metal, glass, ceramic.

Enhance the ability of water-resistance.

2. Thermoplastic and polymer modification

Lower the viscosity and better processability.

Enhance the strength.

3. Rubber and elastomer

Better tensile strength and abrasion resistance.

Increase the modulus without significantly affecting other compound properties

Improved compression set

Lower compound Mooney viscosity

Improved rolling resistance in tire tread compounds

Lower hysteresis



This product is available in 20 kg fiber drum. Customer tailor packing is also available.

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